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I offer a minimum of 5 hours per week, in school contracts, for local schools in the Shepway area of Kent, subject to availability.


I work with individual children and require a quiet, private room, in which I can create a safe and nurturing environment. We work with arts and crafts materials, sand tray and figures, as well as modelling clay, puppets and other creative media. This is to encourage children to consider their concerns through the exploration of creative and artistic play, in a therapeutic environment. Play and art are how the child's subconscious mind works through experiences, to gain a better understanding of life events.

I can also offer Supervision for school staff, to encourage and support them in their work, by helping to create a happier working environment, where they can build a trusting and confidential relationship, with an independent practitioner. To do so, I use traditional supervisory methods alongside more creative mediums. I am also able to offer counselling for staff, should it be requested by the school. 

Non clinical supervision for staff

Counselling for staff

Play and Creative Arts Therapy for children

Please contact me for my availability and for fee's.

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