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Absence. A girl holds the hand of the sp

During my work as a Play and Creative Arts Therapist, I have met many extraordinary children who have experienced past life memories or that see apparitions

A past life memory is a memory or experience that cannot be explained, but appears real to the child, so much so they are able to describe, in great detail, accounts of things they could not possibly have experienced.

An apparition is when a child is seeing someone or something that is known to have passed away or may not be based in our reality. 

These experiences are shown in many forms, such as; 

  • Having memories, emotions and feelings that seem to be experiences from a previous time/life

  • Remembering people, places, times or things from a previous existence, that cannot be explained

  • Having vivid memories of dying or passing away

  • Frequently drawing images or events of which the child has no prior knowledge 

  • Ongoing nightmares or day/night terrors about a particular event they have not experienced

  • Being scared of particular things such as fire, water, planes etc and relating it to an unknown event

  • Seeing or communicating with spirits or apparitions 

  • Being traumatised by someone who is known to have already passed away 

This can have a distressing impact on family life by effecting sleep, the child and the families emotional wellbeing, as well as causing anxiety and challenging behaviours. It can be a confusing, frightening and overwhelming experience for the whole family, but know that you are not alone, and I am here to help. Following a telephone consultation, I will be able to assess your families needs and we can discuss a session plan. 


Initial Telephone Consultation: Free of charge 

Parent &/or Child: £60 per session 

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