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Clinical and non-clinical supervision

Supervision is a creative partnership in which a supervisor and supervisee work together to promote safe and effective practice with clients. It encourages competence and reflection under ethical guidelines, in a supportive environment, in which new insight, learning and understanding can take place, to ensure the best possible work is undertaken with your client. 

My approach is to place you and your clients at the heart of our supervision, to help you to gain insight into the therapeutic relationships that you hold. The supervisory relationship facilitates change and growth of both the supervisee and the supervisor and I will work with you, to build a trusting, confidential space, where my aim is to support you in meeting the needs of your clients, in a nurturing and empowering environment. Our relationship will be founded upon the ethical principals, on prizing and valuing, trust and compassion, built upon a creative foundation, which will adapt and change with your needs and requirements. 

I work from a Humanistic integrative perspective, founded upon an equal relationship, with which I interweave Energy EFT with creative practices, to provide a respectful, relaxed environment, to encourage growth, both personally and professionally. My model of Supervision is based upon M. Carolls Seven Tasks of Supervision and the Seven Eyed Model of Hawkins and Shohet. 

For non-clinical supervision, we can work together to help you achieve a good work/life balance, explore work related issues and concerns and help you to achieve your goals, in a supportive and encouraging environment. We will use creative methods, such as art, sand trays, to promote a more harmonious balance between your work and personal life, to ensure your well-being.


Clinical Supervision (individual) - £55 per hour

Non-Clinical Supervision - £50 per hour

Please contact me for availability.

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